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Our Associates
Ensuring comprehensive service to clients is important, so we maintain strong alliances with associate consultants such as:
  • Aquaculture Scientists
  • BC Land Surveyors
  • Structural Engineers
  • Landscaping Specialists
  • Environmental Consultants
  • Geotechnical Specialists
  • Ground-Water Specialists
  • Architects
  • Electricians
  • Divers & Biologists
  • HVAC Engineers
ThorConsult Ltd. involves these specialists in projects as required by clients to simplify project continuity and ensure budget efficiency.
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ThorConsult Ltd. maintains the human component in a client relationship. Every team that is built for a project is 'hand-picked' to service our client's specific needs. Our staff employ the necessary tools and skills for successful project completions in the following sectors:
  • Civil Land and Aquaculture Development Engineering
    • Development Feasibility & Design
    • Stormwater Drainage & Management
    • Earthwork & Terrain Design
    • Hatchery Design
    • Hydrogeology & Groundwater Supply
    • Land Development Smart Growth Layouts
    • Aquaculture Development
  • Municipal Engineering
    • Topographical & Quantity Surveys
    • Borehole & Shallow Well Development
    • Pump & Pipeline Systems
    • Municipal Road, Water & Sewer Design
    • Tertiary Sewage Treatment Plant Design
  • Structural Engineering
    • Pavement Design & Evaluation
    • Construction Management
    • Retaining Structures
    • Highway & Arterial Road Design
    • Foundation Engineering
  • Computer Services Engineering
    • AutoCAD Design & Development
    • Data Inputting & Modeling
    • Systems Assessment & Design
    • Web & Graphics Development
In order to improve the environment while minimizing the negative effects on our watercourses, lakes and coastal zones, ThorConsult Ltd. gives special priority to providing in-house expertise to water purveyors who need efficient and safe use of our valuable water resources, as well as, safe disposal of that water after it's use.

Don't hesitate to contact ThorConsult Ltd. for further information.
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